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Improve SQL Server performance. Improve your business. Go fast in days, not months!
Is SQL Server running slow? Read what my enthusiastic clients have to say.
Expert performance tuning delivers the improvements you are looking for. My Clients go fast.
I have the proven experience with SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005 and 2000.

Gary: "Customers I spoke with today are amazed how fast everything feels."
Tony: "The speed and performance increases are literally jaw-dropping..."
Chris: "Awesome. You saved us thousands of dollars and a lot of man hours.
Andy: "Honestly, I've never seen the site run this fast...absolutely amazing. My team is amazed."

Why SQL query optimization is hard - David DeWitt - Microsoft Jim Gray Systems Lab
FYI: SQL Server 2008 SP1 CU5 has re-instated parameter embedding optimization using option(recompile).

Chris Dickey can help you go fast with SQL Server 2014 today.
Proven Experience - Advanced Development Skills - SQL Server Indexing Expert - Clients
21 years working with SQL Server - 25 years of development: T-SQL, C#, C++, .NET, VB, Win32 API
I learn the lastest news by attending the SQLPASS and Microsoft PDC conferences.
I attended the 5 day SQLSkills Immersion Event on Performance Tuning

SQL Server 2014/2012/2008 R2 + .NET 4.5 + C# 5 proof-of-concept projects get you going fast.

25 Years of SQL Server Experience - 25 Years MS software - San Diego, California
Clients - Services - Proven real world results - Microsoft SQL Server certified

Credit report processing time reduced at First American CREDCO
Faster web sites and Lower CPU usage for
Better indexes gave Physicians Management Group a huge increase in performance
A camera control system - C#, ASP.NET, Web Services and SQL Server - Cohu Electronics
Transferred image data across firewalls using VB.NET ASP.NET Web Services - Roadlink
Eliminated blocking problems by updating T-SQL coding methods - Vera Bradley
Doubled the speed of web based reports - More CPU headroom - Benetrac
Developed Java phone to ASP.NET web services communications - Roadlink
Solved blocking problems caused by a Java application for
Developed multi-threaded C++/Win32 airbase simulation model for the US Air Force
Monthly report timeout problems eliminated at First American CREDCO
Go fast with SQL Server 2014 performance features
  • Buffer Pool Extension - extends RAM cache to fast SSD
  • Enhanced online indexing - varchar(max) - WAIT_AT_LOW_PRIORITY
  • New cardinality estimator - good and bad
  • In-Memory OLTP Engine - no parallel plans for now
Go fast with SQL Server 2012 performance features
  • Window Function Enhancements - faster aggregate computations
  • Showplan Enhancements - more performance details of execution plans
  • Columnstore Indexes - high speed queries for read only data
  • Increased Extended Event Capabilities - many more events
Go fast with SQL Server 2008 performance features
  • Data Compression - Row and Page compression reduce disk I/O speeding up scans
  • Backup Compression - Backup sizes up to 1/5 as large and much faster
  • OPTION(RECOMPILE) - Enhanced parameter embedding optimization as of SQL Server 2008 SP1 CU5
  • MERGE T-SQL Statement - Perform Insert/Update/Delete in a single T-SQL statment
  • Table Valued Parameters - Efficiently pass an array of data to SQL Server
  • Integrated Full Text Search - Solves issues with queries mixing CONTAINS and other WHERE conditions
  • XEvents - A new tool to monitor performance at a more detailed level
  • Star Join Query Optimization - The optimizer now improves performance of this common query pattern
  • Grouping Sets - Define multiple groupings in a single T-SQL statement to reduce table scans
  • HierarchyID Data Type - Search tree structured data faster with this new data type
  • DATE Data Type - More efficient queries are possible using the new DATE data type
  • FILESTREAM Data - Store very large data blobs more efficiently directly on the file system
  • Partitioned Table Parallelism - Improved multi-cpu performance for queries processing multiple partitions
  • Spatial Data Type - Fast responses for spatial data queries such as "Which stores are near my location?"
  • Upgrade your system now. I help you to go fast with SQL Server 2012 and .NET 4.5!
Go fast with SQL Server 2005 performance features
  • Fewer recompiles - Query plans in stored procedures are now maintained per SQL statement.
  • Index INCLUDE columns - A great 2005 feature to speed up many more high read queries.
  • Dynamic Management Views - Detailed performance data to make your system run fast.
  • 64 bit - Break the RAM barrier - Standard and Enterprise editions: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB.
  • New Profiler and graphical query plan features - Great tools to solve problems faster.
  • On-Line index builds - Add and rebuild indexes without downtime to solve problems fast.
  • Database Mirroring - Maintain an up-to-date standy server for fast disaster recovery.
  • Plan Guides - Fix problem queries with hints but without having to modify T-SQL
  • Tranisitive relationships - Query plans take advantage of transitive column relationships.
  • C# and VB.NET - Replace CPU intensive T-SQL processing with faster .NET CLR code
  • Table and index partitioning - Partition historical data for top performance.
  • Newsequentialid() - Generate GUIDs that don't fragment clustered indexes.
  • Want more? I use a long list of useful 2005 performance features to solve your problems.
Chris Dickey sitting in Ford T-Bird ready to go fast
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I can provide your company with SQL Server performance improvements that make a big difference.

25 years working with SQL Server since 1989 release
I still have a SQL Server 1.0 install 5 1/4 floppy disk!
15 years focused on performance consulting
30 years software experience: C++, C#, T-SQL, ASP.NET
University of California San Diego graduate

Chris Dickey
San Diego, California
I have assisted clients across the USA
25 Years of SQL Server Experience

Microsoft SQL Server SQLPass

 > Clients Tell the Story of Success  >
  • Christian: "When I think SQL performance problems, I think Chris Dickey."
  • Tony: "Thanks for the amazing job. The speed and performance increases are literally jaw-dropping..."
  • Frank: "I think we may have to hang your picture here. They are telling me you worked a miracle. Everything is incredible!."
  • Chris: "Awesome. Thanks for the quick fix on that. You saved us thousands of dollars and a lot of man hours. We were going to dump that system."
  • Patrick: "Fixed, ran ninjaly faster."
  • Allen: "Yes we moved to sql 2005 and the speed is absolutely incredible. We have customers specifically calling or emailing to say whatever we did to keep it up, the speed is unbelievable."
  • James: "After months of struggling with our interface DB performance and having regular deadlocks, Chris Dickey came in and within 3 days improved our performance by 200%. After spending less than 60 hours on our environment our total improvement was well beyond 400% and we experienced no more deadlocks. Needless to say we have forwarded Chris' contact information to companies that we knew had similar challenges."
  • Ray: "The improvement you made for that process was so drastic that when someone was out sick and they had less man power to do the time cards they still finished early."
  • Robert: "Here's what our Vice President had to say: I can't tell you how pleased I am that the database issues that have been plaguing us are finally getting tamed!"
  • George: “I just wanted to thank you for pin pointing the issue for us. You truly know your SQL. You have worked wonders with our SQL Server and it’s comforting to know that you can be relied upon to keep it running in tip-top shape.”
  • Keith: "We were ready to buy a new top of the line, multi-thousand dollar server when we happened upon Chris and his services. After Chris was done, we not only saw a performance increase as much as 1400 percent in one of our often-used queries, but forestalled the need for the new server even a year later. Our CEO still says the money spent on Chris was our best purchase in 15 years of doing business."
  • Ron: "You are a true expert Chris. Thank you very much."
FastSqlServer / TuneSqlServer consulting clients - Contact me for Details

Your Expert Jumpstart to T-SQL Programming, ADO.NET and SQL Server Replication
1. Our developers build T-SQL code that provides high performance ADO.NET data access for ASP.NET.
2. We build efficient and secure business software using VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET and XML Web Services.
3. Get the level of SQL Server Performance that you need to succeed - Without new hardware purchases!
4. Eight years of proven experience using Microsoft Access with SQL Server - We do it right.
5. Are you ready to use SQL Server Reporting Services to deliver on demand information on time ?
6. Design and deploy SQL Server Merge Replication systems that are reliable and fast.

Benefit from the high ROI of an information system built using SQL Server 2014, Microsoft .NET 4.5 and Windows Server 2012 R2. ExpertSQLServer consultants build systems using the latest Microsoft technologies learned at advanced conferences and proven with real world experience. Be confident that you are investing in a great system built by consultants led by an expert with over 25 years of on the job software development experience!
Contact Chris Dickey: - - Questions?

What about SQL Server Index Tuning Wizard?
FastSqlServer - SQL Server Performance Breakthroughs
It is true that the majority of SQL Server systems are not running as fast as they can!
The common perception is that more hardware is needed or that SQL Server is not up to the task. The good news is that we have found time and again that better indexes and minimal code changes eliminate most major performance bottlenecks. You get a fast system with great productivity benefits and happy loyal customers but without expensive hardware upgrade costs or application rewrites. SQL Server delivers data extremely fast when properly tuned. Our field proven methods dramatically increase the performance of your entire web application and business system. We guarantee a 2X to 15X speed improvement for your SQL Server system. Get the fast SQL Server system you expect in a few days, not weeks or months.
What are you waiting for - besides your data?
Expert Assistance to Help You Use SQL Server Replication for Distributed Data Needs
Which replication capabilities do you need to improve the efficiency of your business?
1. Reliably distribute real-time data between branch offices across the USA connected by WAN links or a VPN.
2. Synchronize data between a central SQL Server system and remote MSDE databases.
3. Transfer data from disconnected handheld devices to the corporate database.

You benefit from our direct contact since 1998 with members of the Microsoft SQL Server Replication team.
In late 1998, Ron Soukup, the head of the Microsoft Merge Replication team, authorized me to deploy a system on SQL Server 7.0 RC1 that successfully connected data centers in 14 cities across the USA. ExpertSQLServer Consultants designed another system using SQL Server 2000 to distribute real time transaction data between 18 branch offices for a trucking company. That distributed order processing application has the 18 branch office SQL Servers connected using SQL Server Merge Replication running over WAN links. The system uses complex partitioned merge replication with join filters to distribute invoices and shipment tracking information to agents in all the cities across the USA involved in each shipment. Transactional replication also provides part of the data flow both outward and inward to the company's central office server. Early on, replication problems were diagnosed as being caused by TCP retries which were the result of faulty network hardware. Our combined knowledge of SQL Server and Windows Server TCP/IP enabled us to effectively troubleshoot the problem for our client.
ExpertSQLServer consultants have the years of experience and advanced technical training that you can rely on. Know that your system will work properly and have excellent support! We provide the technical guidance that your staff needs to move in the right direction on your first replication project. And, we troubleshoot and solve problems with deployed systems. Replication looks simple at first, just a few wizards. But there are many subtle gotchas. To run a reliable and fast production system using SQL Server replication you need to know all the details. Often you aren't aware of what those details are until something goes wrong. We have the real world know-how from building many systems using Merge and Transactional replication that businesses depend on for critical transactions. We worked with the Microsoft replication team to troubleshoot non-convergence bugs in Merge Replication starting with SQL Server 7.0 Beta 3. Now, we have high confidence in the reliable and much faster Merge Replication product provided by Microsoft since SQL Server 2000 SP2. Give us a phone call to help you enable your employees and customers to get reliable and quick access to distributed and disconnected data. Take advantage of the lessons we already learned deploying and maintaining SQL Server Replication systems.
Contact Chris Dickey: - - Questions?
SQL Server Reporting Services Gives You High-Powered Web Based Reports
Your business reports can now be full featured interactive web applications!
Deliver important data on-time wherever it is needed. Reports can contain drill down features on a single web page and also provide links to report detail pages and other applications. User input fields and buttons can control report operation. Add value to your web based reports with graphs and charts. You can even use SQL Server Reporting Services as an XML Web Service to retrieve report data in all the commonly used formats that you need. Reporting services has security in mind. It was built to be a high performance server based enterprise reporting solution. All the reports are stored in SQL Server, not on the file system. Reporting Services even has high powered report caching to be able to generate thousands of reports on-demand. For very large deployments, multiple servers can be used for report generation and delivery.
SQL Server Reporting Services for SQL Server 2008 takes advantage of ASP.NET and XML to provide its powerful interactive reporting capabilities. Reports can be delivered in all the most commonly used output formats: HTML, PDF, TIFF and Excel XLS. This allows reports to be delivered to a variety of locations such as web pages, email and MS Office documents. Reports can be embedded in web pages, MS Office documents and any other application. This is possible because the report data can be retrieved using an XML Web Service provided by the reporting engine. Reports can also be scheduled for automatic delivery. Replace Microsoft Access reports with fast reports that anyone can view anywhere.

ExpertSQLServer consulting has all the advanced .NET and SQL Server skills needed to help you build your complete reporting application. I have the years of real-world experience with the building blocks of Reporting Services: ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, XML, IIS and SQL Server. You get all of the advanced features and customizations that your business needs. And, I ensure that your Reporting Service application are secure and run fast! Take advantage of powerful, flexible and fast report generation today.
Get Reliability and Performance - Keep Using Your Microsoft Access Applications
The most cost effective option is to use SQL Server for data storage by using Access JET engine linked tables. Keep using your Access application GUI as is.
The big advantage of using this upgrade method is that few changes have to be made to the Access VBA application. The Access + JET + SQL Server combination runs much faster than Access alone if proper tuning details are accounted for. The data is now safely maintained by SQL Server with great stability and backup options. Only the data retrieved by queries travels across LAN and WAN links, not entire files. This eliminates corrupt database problems and provides fast data retrieval.
The Access JET engine using linked SQL Server tables has a very effective infrastructure that buffers large result sets. It only retrieves all primary keys satisfying the query. Then row data is retrieved in batches as needed using internally generated stored procedures. This data retrieval infrastructure has to be properly understood and used to best advantage with SQL Server to achieve great application performance. Improper use of the JET engine with SQL Server will result in a very slow system. It is often misintepreted as a weakness of the Access + SQL Server combination. This is one of the most important lessons I learned from my years of working with the JET + SQL Server linked table combination. It is the key ingredient to great performance and a successful upgrade to SQL Server.

Great performance and stability are possible when expert attention is paid to the details of the upgrade of Access to SQL Server. It is a very easy way to benefit from the strengths of SQL Server while retaining the adavantages of an existing MS Access user interface. Contact me to discuss the details.

Another approach is to rebuild the Access application using ASP.NET and SQL Server Reporting Services.
I helped a Fortune 1000 client upsize their Microsoft Access scheduling application to a new level of stability, security and performance. The SQL Server database engine provided the solid improvements compared to the pervious Access JET MDB file sharing system. SQL Server Reporting Services replaced Microsoft Access reports with web based reports and also supplied PDF document conversion. ASP.NET web forms updated the Access forms user interface. The new web based user interface and reporting capabilities enabled the application to be used both on the internal business intranet and the Internet. The customer is very impressed with the performance, reliability and usability improvements.

Has your database performance slowed down as the number of users has increased?
Does your Microsoft Access JET MDB file become corrupt?
Do you need a larger database but don't want to redo your application?

Eliminate the hassles and stress by having the JET MDB file data store used by MS Access converted to a SQL Server database. If you want, you can keep using the same MS Access applications, user interfaces and report generators. SQL Server provides very reliable data storage that can be easily backup up. SQL Server databases do not become corrupt! Microsoft Access applications can support hundreds of users when serving up data stored in a SQL Server database. We have over 5 years of experience supporting clients with hundreds of Microsoft Access client machines connected to data stored in SQL Server. That experience includes distributed data systems using multiple SQL Server systems connected across the USA using SQL Server replication. We understand how to cost effectively convert your application with minimal changes. Your SQL Server databases will be properly tuned for MS Access queries to deliver data fast!
Give use a call to discuss how adapting your system to SQL Server will improve the performance and reliability or your important business applications. You can keep using your current Microsoft Access user interface or migrate to ASP.NET 2.0 web forms or windows forms. Either way you get the advantages of the stable and fast SQL Server storage engine.

Client Gets Big Wins with the SQL Server and ASP.NET combination!
Semtech, a Fortune 1000 semiconductor supplier, got higher levels of stability and faster data delivery with the SQL Server enterprise level database engine. Data forms and reports can now be viewed from both internal LAN and remote locations using Internet Explorer. SQL Server, ASP.NET and VB.NET were used to upsize the Microsoft Access based scheduling system. SQL Server Reporting Services replaced the MS Access reports with web based reporting capabilities and PDF document conversion. The customer is very impressed with the performance, reliability and usability improvements.
Give us a call. Get your business critical Microsoft Access applications converted to more reliable and faster SQL Server 2008 + .NET 4.5 implementations! Let us help you put together a fast and reliable state of the art system to improve the efficiency and profits of your business!
Contact Chris Dickey: - - Questions?
Slow Response Times Gone and Blocking Eliminated Using SQL Server Tools You Already Own
Our clients are happy to provide good references for our services because of the great performance improvements they have received on their SQL Server systems. We pinpoint and prioritize system performance bottlenecks with expert use of SQL Server Profiler and Query Analzyer capabilities. Then we implement proven solutions to eliminate the performance problems. The client's database administrators learn effective performance monitoring techniques that they can use to solve performance problems in the future.
Don't waste money on more hardware and extra CPUs to get the performance you need to make your business a bigger success. Let me show you how much more performance your current hardware configuration can deliver with lower cost SQL Server adjustments. Many performance problems are quickly and simply eliminated with the addition of carefully chosen indexes. The popular SQL Server performance tuning books only have brief explanations of how to use the tools to identify useful indexes. I have developed an effective approach to index tuning with multi-column indexes after lots of study, experimenting and practical experience. I have attended the advanced SQL Server tuning courses and conferences and validated the techniques I learned by successes improving the performance of many production systems.
TuneSQLServer clients get great results! They experience the elimination of long duration queries and blocking. Performance increases have been by a factor of 2 to 15 times. The users of our client's systems no longer wait excessive amounts of time for data to appear on their browser screens. System administrators and customer reps don't get nagging timeout notifications and complaint emails / phone calls. High up executives and company owners realize that SQL Server really is a powerful and fast enterprise class database system that is good for their business!
Get proven performance increases by employing the services of expert SQL Server consultants. Don't get snowed by VB/Access consultants or SQL novices pretending to know the answers. SQL Server systems do need proper expert attention to detail to perform great, not more CPUs!
Go to for more performance tuning information.
The ExpertSqlServer Difference: Advanced Training and 25 Years of Experience
Chris Dickey has designed and implemented software for 25 years.
After working with early relational database systems in the mid 80s, he started working with the first version of SQL Server in 1989 when it was released on the OS/2 1.3 platform by Microsoft/Ashton Tate/Sybase. He has worked with Windows NT since it was first released in 1992. His programming experienced started with the C and Fortran languages in the early 80s followed by C++, T-SQL, Windows Win32 API, VB 6.0 and now VB.NET, C#, ADO.NET and ASP.NET work. He has attended the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) each year since 1992 to keep on top of the latest Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server and .NET Web Service development technologies. He was also at the Microsoft SQL Server conferences where the Microsoft developers who built SQL Server 2012, 2008, 2005, 2000 and 7.0 shared their expertise. Chris combines the experience of a top notch SQL Server developer and a Windows Server expert programmer to deliver proven results running SQL Server 2012 or 2008 R2 on Windows Server 2008 R2.
Advanced technical developer conferences Chris Dickey has attended.
Microsoft Windows Server MCSE exams first passed in 1996.

Chris Dickey is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego - UCSD in Management Science and Systems Engineering

Get the SQL Server performance you need to succeed!

Microsoft Certified Professional

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